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This survey is designed to develop a picture of the range of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities that perioperative nurses engage in, and to explore the extent that they contribute to your professional competence.

Ten (10) specific types of activities will be assessed to explore the relationship of the activities to indicators of professional competence. These questions will require you to indicate the extent you participated in them over the past calendar year using either the number of hours or the number of activities themselves. You will next be asked to indicate the extent that each of these activities are viewed as ‘contributing to your ongoing professional competence’. This will be done using a five-point Likert scale ranging from 1 (very little) to 5 (very much).

You will be asked three (3) questions to identify specific topics or activities that you would like to receive additional CPD as well as to explain barriers, if any, to engaging in CPD. Lastly, you will be asked to provide basic demographic information.


You are invited to participate in a study of Continuing Professional Development by Perioperative Nurses. I hope to learn the types of activities being undertaken and their perceived value to ongoing professional competence. You were selected as a possible participant in this study because you are a perioperative registered nurse. This study is being conducted for academic interest and has been funded in part by the Operating Room Nurses Association of Canada (ORNAC).

If you decide to participate, I will require you to complete a five (5) minute online survey. There are no anticipated risks nor incentives for participation.

Any information obtained in connection with this study that can be identified with you will remain confidential and will be disclosed only with your permission. In any written reports or publications, no one will be identified or identifiable and only aggregate data will be presented.

Your decision whether or not to participate will not affect your future relations with ORNAC in any way if you decide to participate, you are free to discontinue participation at any time without affecting such relationships.

This research project has been reviewed and approved by the Keyano College Research Ethics Board. If you have any questions about the research and/or research participant’s rights or wish to report a research related injury, please call Dr. Eli Ahlquist, RN at (780) 791-4840.

By clicking ‘Yes’ you are indicating that you have read the information provided above and have decided to participate. You may withdraw at any time without prejudice after signing this form should you choose to discontinue participation in this study.

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* 1. Do you consent to participate?

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