Welcome to Synchro Swim Ontario’s new online Incident Report Form. Please read the important FAQs below regarding incident reporting for synchronized swimming-related injuries, and access additional information on the SSO website via the links provided:

What is the Purpose of an Incident Report?

Synchronized swimming, like all sports, has its risks. An important role in administering the sport of synchronized swimming is the review of all incidents that result in injury to ensure any lessons are captured. This will provide for an improved sport with better safety outcomes. Collecting statistical data allows for the identification of adverse trends or specific issues that require remedial action, and ideally prevents recurrence or further accidents.

Reporting of all incidents that result in injury also ensures insurance compliance. Depending on the nature of the incident, SSO may forward a copy of the Incident Report Form to SSO’s insurer upon receipt.

When Should an Incident Report Form Be Completed?

An Incident Report should be submitted within 72 hours of an incident taking place.

This Online Incident Report Form should be submitted any time an incident occurs at an SSO-sanctioned activity or event. The online form is to be used to report all incidents that result in injury, no matter how minor. It is better to over report than under report, particularly if an insurance claim could result from the incident.

What is a Reportable Incident?

Examples of reportable incidents include:
  • Any loss of consciousness
  • Any injury where a concussion is suspected
  • Any injury where on-site first aid care is administered. This could include first aid administered by a lifeguard, coach, first responder, or other.
  • Any injury where the injured party is taken to hospital for treatment (including as a precautionary measure)
  • Any injury (including re-aggravating a pre-existing injury) where subsequent medical treatment is given by a medical professional
  • Any injury that prevents an athlete from training or competing on the day(s) immediately following the incident
  • Any injury resulting from travel to or from a competitive or other sanctioned event (e.g. car accident).
  • An Incident Report must be completed and submitted even where symptoms resulting from the incident are not evident or reported until after the synchro event or activity (e.g., after the practice is over and the athlete goes home).
An Incident Report is NOT generally required where the injury is the result of a non-synchro related incident (e.g., an incident that takes place at home or at school).

Who should submit an Incident Report?

In the case of an incident that occurs during an SSO-sanctioned meet (whether involving an athlete, official, coach, spectator etc.), the Chief Referee AND the Head Coach/Club representative should jointly complete the Incident Report. The Club should provide all contact details on the form, while the Referee should indicate their approval of the content by signing-off at the end of report.

For incidents that occur during other SSO-sanctioned events/activities (such as during regular practice time), a Club representative should complete the Incident Report. In most cases, this will be the athlete’s coach (or the Head Coach/most senior coach on deck).
What is the difference between an Incident Report and a Bye Request?
An Incident Report must be completed for all synchronized swimming-related incidents that result in injury and is needed for insurance compliance and data collection purposes as described above.

A Bye Request is ONLY needed in instances where an athlete is unable to participate in a qualifying competition/event for any reason (including illness or injury) and the athlete wishes to receive a Bye to compete at the next competition/event (e.g. the athlete will miss Regionals but wishes to compete at Age Groups).

Note – Clubs must ensure they have already submitted an Incident Report (for sychro-related incidents) when they request a Bye. Clubs will be asked to confirm that they have submitted an Incident Report on the Bye Request Form.

For Bye Requests, please complete the Bye Request Form on the SSO website.


The data collected in this form is in compliance with SSO Privacy Policy allowing for third party access of personal health information for the purposes of insurance and data management. For more information on this policy, please see: http://synchroontario.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/SSO-Privacy-Policy-5July2017.pdf 

More Information & Contact:

SSO Policies/Forms (including Concussion Policy, Privacy Policy, Bye Request Form and Incident Report): http://synchroontario.com/member-resources/policies-and-forms/

SSO Concussion Resources (including SSO Synchro Specific Concussion Guidelines, Return to Synchro Concussion Progress Tracker, and SSO Concussion Information Guidelines for Athletes and Parents): http://synchroontario.com/member-resources/concussion-resources/

For questions/concerns regarding INCIDENT REPORTS or BYE REQUESTS, please contact:

Rachel Klein (Sport Development Manager)
Mobile: 647-567-7964
Office: 416-679-9522

SUBMISSION CONFIRMATION: SSO will contact the submitter (with CC to Club) within 72 hours of submission. Please notify SSO if you DO NOT receive confirmation of receipt.
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