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You are invited to participate in a research study entitled:

Impact of necessitated change to online teaching during COVID-19 for healthcare faculty: A mixed method study.

  • Natasha Hubbard Murdoch: Interprofessional Care Researcher, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, (p) 306.659.4171 (e)
  • Tamara Chambers Richards: Dean, School of Health, College of New Caledonia, (p) 250-562-2131 ext 5510 (e)
  • Eli Ahlquist: Dean, School of Health and Human Services, Keyano College, (p)780-791-4840 (e)
  • Aileen Anderson: Faculty, School of Nursing, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, (p) 306-659-4675 (e) 
  • Erin Langman: Librarian, Saskatchewan Polytechnic (p) 306-775-7411 (e)
Student Research Assistant:
  • Sibtain Ali: University of Saskatchewan(e) 

Purpose and Objective of the Research:  This research examines the impact of converting teaching to online/remote instruction following the emergence of Covid-19.

The act of immediately transitioning all Canadian post-secondary educational programs to online and/or blended delivery in response to the global pandemic has changed the nature of healthcare education for the foreseeable future. Faculty and students were required to respond dynamically to an often static education system. Faculties were required to be flexible, amenable to change, and role models of calm in uncertainty while being experts in modifying their instructional design from face to face classrooms and low to high fidelity simulations to online instructions in virtual classrooms. A nationwide survey of satisfaction and perceptions of equity will reveal the innovative reflections and modalities experienced by educators to be shared that will enhance healthcare education.

Procedures: You will navigate to an online SurveyMonkey survey. The license for SurveyMonkey is provided by Keyano College. You will be asked to provide demographic information about yourself prior to answering a series of questions about your teaching experience following the emergence of Covid-19. The questionnaire should take between 15-20 minutes. The last question of the survey invites you to leave contact information if you desire to be interviewed. This personal information is separate from your anonymous survey responses.

Funded by: This study received funding from the Saskatchewan Polytechnic, School of Nursing research grant. The researchers declare no actual or potential conflicts of interest.

Potential Risks: There are no known or anticipated risks to you by participating in this research. Your employment will not be affected by participating in this study.

Potential Benefits: The benefit of this research is an enhanced understanding of the impact of converting teaching to online/remote delivery. You will receive no compensation for participating. You may choose to enter your contact information for a 1 in 30 chance of receiving a $50 visa/mastercard gift card following completion of the survey. The personal information collected for this draw is separate from your anonymous survey
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