Thank you for participating in BOMA's Diversity & Inclusion Survey!

Diversio is collecting data on behalf of BOMA so they can assess the state of diversity and inclusion in the Canadian real estate industry and work to create a more welcoming and inclusive environment. Your input is critical to this effort. This survey is voluntary and should take ~4 minutes to complete.

A few notes:

1) Your responses will remain confidential and anonymous. We do not collect any information through which you can be identified (e.g. your name, email address or IP address)

2) BOMA will only receive aggregated insights (as opposed to individual-level data)

3) Responses are combined into a numbered score to indicate how well your company is doing when it comes to cultivating an inclusive workplace. This score will be shared with you in several weeks

4) By filling out this survey you consent to Diversio collecting, storing and analyzing your anonymized data. At no point will your individual responses be disclosed  to any third parties. The aggregate data collected is used to inform industry tools and benchmarks

5) Your participation is voluntary. You may stop participating at any point by closing the browser. If you decide not to participate you will not be penalized in any way

Please answer candidly and honestly.